How NOT to blow your audition


Last week I initiated a spirited conversation on my FB Community Page when I said, “Can I see a show of hands of Casting Directors who enjoy being called “ma’am”” Oh…I don’t see any…”

I was not saying people should jettison their manners oract disrespectful (zut alors!), it was my cheeky – if awkward – way of addressing culture fit.

Know the culture. Know the room.

Emotional intelligence counts for a lot.

You maybe right for the role or perfect for the job based on the posted qualifications but we look beyond your skills to also see if you fit in with the culture. Are you simpatico? Do you have chemistry with your colleagues, the company, the production…?

Also – this is key – don’t insult the Casting Director.

It was pointed out to me that “ma’am” is de rigueur if you’re casting in Atlanta. Good to know because it supports my main point above: Know the culture. Know the room.

I have literally had an executive say, “I liked him until he called me ma’am. Pass.”


Dr Darcy Sterling broke it down in the comments section on Facebook: “Sure it implies the recipient is of a certain age.” Nothing more needs to be said. Women don’t like having their age pointed out to them. (at least not in NY/LA – BBA)

News flash: The entertainment/media industrial complex is ageist and brutally competitive. The HD camera was probably the cruelest technological development ever. Thank god, there’s now MakeUpForever HD Makeup.

Don’t get too hung up on the “ma’am” by the way. The big picture is it tells me you are polite…but savvy in this market.

Leave a comment below and remind me to share some of my favorite faux pas.

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