How To Get Your Foot in the Door


television hosting & presenting

If you want to be an on-camera TV host, this book will help you to take that desire and mix it with goals, an action plan, training, and discipline to become good at hosting on camera and ultimately paid to do it or to drive your business.

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Abel Intermedia is a highly regarded casting and talent development company. Founded in 2001 as Barbara Barna Casting, our services have expanded from casting break-out hits in cable television to include innovative and effective on-camera coaching, media training, personal brand strategies and consulting.


Media Training

Everyone needs to be good on camera. We build skills and confidence through innovative, effective, client-centered skills and technique.



We enjoy a well-earned reputation for being creative professionals with an impressive track record for finding break-out talent across all genres.



Today everyone needs to be good on camera. We offer some of the most innovative and effective private media training and on-camera coaching anywhere.



Classes are small, intimate, innovative and effective. We value providing personalized attention and a safe, supportive, creative environment.