Here’s the May Newsletter in a nutshell:
Nick Mom and Popsicle are looking for real Moms and their moms for the digital show, “Minute With My Mom.”
Ideal moms (all ethnicities) live in the NY/Tri-State area and have at least one child in elementary school.
Grandma (Mom’s mom) lives in the Tri-State area too.
If you and your mom have a fun, warm, outgoing personality and are available to shoot for a day during the week of May 12th we’d love to hear from you!
This is non-union and pays $300 each for the shoot.
Please email ASAP with the following information:
Your name & town where you live
Your mom’s name & town where she lives
Names/ages of your kids
Recent photo of you
Recent photo of your mom
We want to get to know you so please include:
Fun paragraph detailing your daily life + info on where you grew up, siblings etc
Describe your mom in 5 words
Tell us how you think your mom would describe you in 5 words
Watch a sample of Minute With My Mom here.
Are you getting auditions but not getting callbacks? OR are you not getting your foot in the door at all?
You should take my HOSTING LEVEL TWO class on Sunday, June 1st.
We roll up our sleeves in this 8 hour intensive and delve deep into how to pitch yourself, how to differentiate yourself in a competitive field, how to best prepare for your audition and then how to nail the audition.
You can sign up here.
Hey, writers! DNAinfo is looking to expand its dating coverage. What is it like to date in NYC for those who are not the straight, white women who so often write on the topic? We are looking for LGBT writers who can pitch and report on issues related to love and sex in their community. While a first-person perspective would be welcomed, the column should be focused on trends/stories in the community and feature research and interviews with experts and/or subjects where it’s appropriate.
The column would be no more than 800 words in length and would run every 6 weeks. We pay our writers. If interested, please send 5 story ideas and a resume to Heidi Patalano at
It was only a matter of time. OK, yes, a long time. The Abel Intermedia blog, officially.
The sun is shining. Be sure to Look Up! via Josh McBride.


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