My classes are small, hands-on, innovative, effective and fun. Classes are held in my Brooklyn studio unless otherwise specified. As an active Casting Director and Talent Executive, I know and share what you need to get on television and succeed on-camera. Can’t make it to a class? Read my book, How To Get Your Foot In The Door: Television Hosting & Presenting.

If there is something specific you’d like to work on not offered below, I will happily create a custom class for you. Minimum 4 people.

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Date/Time: Sunday, February 2, 2020, 11:00am-5:00pm JUST ADDED!

Price: $399 (Limit 10 students)

Success in television presenting requires mindset, technique and practice. We cover it all in this 6-hour hands-on intensive that will change the way you approach presenting on-camera and think about your career. We cover:

  • On-camera skills (speaking to camera, scripts, teleprompter)
  • How to hone your point of view
  • How to fit in AND stand out
  • How to market yourself
  • How to practice
  • How to prepare mentally
  • Where the opportunities are

Each class participant will be videotaped on camera at least twice and receive real time feedback + a link to their video.

This class is for you if you are:

  • Trying to break into on-camera hosting
  • A subject expert pursuing on-camera media opportunities
  • An influencer developing your skills to build your brand
  • Not getting auditions or not getting callbacks
  • In need of a fresh perspective

Suggested reading: How To Get Your Foot In the Door: Television Hosting & Presenting.


ADVANCED TV HOSTING ON-LINE CLASS NEW! Auditioning & Booking the Job

Date/Time: Open Enrollment 2020
Price: $999

There is no other class like this available to take your media/on-camera career to the next level. This is a unique combination of private coaching and guided curriculum designed to help you create your winning strategy to develop the skills and confidence to break through the clutter and get auditions and callbacks.

Sessions take place via Skye and replicate the digital submission & audition process. We roll up our sleeves and delve deep to maximize your skills and mindset, improve your weak spots and successfully navigate the audition process.

Scheduling is flexible and open to students around the world:

Step One: The Submission. Submit your materials for a mock panel show and receive notes on what’s working for you, what’s not and how to break through the clutter. You need to know this even if you have an agent.

Step Two: The Self Tape. Once you have completed Step One, I’ll give you instructions on how to self-tape for this project (increasing industry standard), walk you through best practices and give you notes on the tape you submit to me.

Step Three: The Skype Audition. These auditions are industry standard and the next step after the self-tape. Learn what you need to know to shine! You will receive real time 1:1 coaching through multiple takes.

All Skype sessions are recorded and students receive a link to their videos.


Hosting for Home Shopping, Infomercials & Brands
with Sean De Simone and Barbara Barna Abel

Date/Time: SUMMER 2020 – NEW YORK CITY (TBD)

Price: $499 

*payment plan available – please email

**Location details will be forwarded with your confirmation after signing up**

You asked for this class and we heard you. There is a lot of opportunity in this space – and a lot of competition. In this fun, hands-on and effective intensive we teach you what we are REALLY looking for when casting hosts in this space and what you need to know to succeed:

  • What materials you need to get noticed and get the first audition
  • How to identify your strengths and maximize them
  • How to prepare for the audition process from self-tape to Skype to callbacks
  • How to tell your story
  • How to calm nerves and gain confidence

Everyone presents on camera multiple times and receives real time feedback plus a link to the video.


How to Break Into: Corporate Voiceover and Narration – WITH MARIA PENDOLINO AND BARBARA BARNA ABEL

Date/Time: TBD 2019
Price: $199

A one-day intensive class aimed at helping you book work in the lucrative world of non-commercial and industrial voiceover work. Work for major corporations, small businesses and new startups around the world and voice their internal training videos, online explainer content and narrate videos for their employee conferences and sales presentations. Learn ways to make heavy copy feel upbeat, friendly and approachable. Every student gets to work on mic and will receive audio files of their work in class. No prior voiceover experience is required. The class will also include tips about demos, VO marketing and booking your own work online. This intensive class is great for actors, hosts, comedians and spokespeople who are interested in building up their voiceover skills and adding another income stream to their business!

Class Instructor Maria Pendolino is an actor and voiceover artist who has narrated corporate work for more than 60 companies worldwide. Some of her recent corporate projects include the New York Public Library podcasts, the Red Cross online babysitting course, a training program for caregivers on handling allergic reactions and a series of online videos for a new technology start-up.

custom class

Create a Custom Class

Is there something specific you’d like to work on not offered above? Or on a different date? Abel Intermedia will happily create a custom class for you. Minimum 4 people. Contact Us >

My classes are small, hands-on, innovative and effective.