Dream of Italy: How to Successfully & Sustainably Host Your Own Travel Show

Is hosting a travel show on your vision board???
I’d be enormously rich posting from my villa in Tangier if I had a $ or € for everyone who ever said to me they wanted to host a travel show.
Learn how Kathy McCabe turned the dream into reality and built Dream of Italy into a thriving brand.
The NY Times recommends the podcast companion to the successful PBS series as one of 13 best for “wandering souls.”
Key takeaways:
⭐️ Build a community, not an audience.
⭐️ Gather emails and communicate directly with your audience.
⭐️ Own your content as much as you can
⭐️ Show up consistently
⭐️ Be tenacious and committed – and believe that it’s possible
⭐️ Your reputation and your track record matter a lot – especially in fund-raising
Listen to the episode here.

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