Let Me Entertain You

Happy May Day! In the spirit of spring, rebirth and renewal, I am putting my money where my coaching mouth is and officially launching the Abel Intermedia blog – as I have instructed so many of you to do. YAY ALL OF US.

In my day-to-day as a casting director and media trainer I work with all manner of hosts, experts, professionals and personalities and one maxim I share with all is If You’re Not Entertaining Us, We’re Not Listening.

I must not be particularly entertaining because I find it difficult to get people to accept this. Most want to lead with Information because it seems more “credible.”

I have a bagillion examples of Entertaining Communicator = Successful Communicator (and believe me, I’ll be exploring them here) but I am grateful to Delta Airlines for making it easy for this inaugural blog post.

On a recent business trip to Los Angeles I noticed Delta recently updated their Flight Safety Video, humorously incorporating 1980s icons and references – and then I noticed my fellow passengers were actually watching the video and chuckling instead of zoning out and ignoring it.

By creating an entertaining video Delta got jaded passengers to pay attention to important information they (we) have been borderline mocking for years. Instead of eye rolling “whatever” and waiting for the hand held electronics okay, passengers were laughing (and good moods are good on a long flight).

Humor does not undermine the information. Humor engages us.

Watch the Delta Safety Video here

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