One More Thing You Need To Be Good At

This article via LinkedIn by technology forecaster Daniel Burrus caught my eye this week. Mr Burrus posits that “to thrive in this new age of hyper-change and growing uncertainty, it is now an imperative to learn a new competency—how to accurately anticipate the future.”

Wow. As if I don’t have enough on my plate already.

He’s got a good point as he lists former industry leaders who are now footnotes like Blackberry and Blockbuster.

Listen, I’m a clinger – I still pay with cash every morning at Starbucks, get DVDs from Netflix, borrow hardcopy books from the Brooklyn Public Library and own albums and a turntable (which I use) – but I get where he’s coming from.

We need to pay attention to how the culture and the marketplace are shifting and adapt or develop skill sets accordingly. Take a look at how digital content is making information & entertainment instantly global and connecting us with like-minded people half-way across the world. (World Cup, anyone?) Understand that a few key players are gobbling up the smaller players but that YouTube is still an open platform which is amazing. And crowded.

(on that note, it was announced this week that YouTube network Fullscreen is selling for a deal worth between $200-$300million.)


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