The 3 Rs: Rugged, Resourceful & Resilient with Marcie Mulé & Roni Selig

Roni Selig and Marcie Mulé are legends in the unscripted television world and you’ll understand why after listening to this episode presented by the 3 Rs to Building a Sustainable and Successful Career: Rugged, Resourceful, and Resilient.

Creatives that they are, they couldn’t stop with the 3 R’s and added these words to the conversation: Endurance, stamina, energy, discipline, impact, risk, trust and lucky…

…because Television Production is rugged terrain. Roni describes working 3 days/nights to produce a ground-breaking series with Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Marcie recalls scaling multiple mountains on location to get the perfect shot.

And they do it all with heart, soul, passion, integrity – and humor.

Rony is a multi-Emmy-winning producer whose credits span from GMA to CNN most recently launched a new digital platform for The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and executive produced The Call to Unite, a 24-hour global livestream event, hosted by Tim Shriver in response to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Marcie is a two-time Emmy-winning producer for the Bravo series Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List and the former co-founder of Picture This Television, a full -service production company that created programming for Bravo, Lifetime, TLC, Food Network, MTV and PBS.

Now Roni and Marcie have joined forces to create RonMar Studios Inc, producing innovative unscripted content from long form documentaries and reality programs to digital fundraisers, live streams including and musical performances.

Learn more about RonMar Studios Inc. by visiting their website at and check out their impressive body of work.

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