Positivity with Dave Noll

Grab a wheelbarrow because you’re going to need one to carry all the gems that my guest, Dave Noll, drops in this episode of Camera Ready & Abel.

It will only take you a few seconds to feel this week’s theme – POSITIVITY – in Dave’s energy as he generously walks through the mindset, technique and practice that has made him a two-time Emmy award winning producer and show formats mastermind with over 60 TV shows (3300 episodes and counting) under his belt that have generated over $500 million in sales.

Listening to how Dave brainstormed the concept for his mega hit show, Chopped, and how he positioned its value to the Food Network will blow your mind and inspire you.

In an episode packed with gems, I leave you with this quoteable moment:

“You can accomplish almost nothing worthwhile and amazing and impressive in a year, but there’s almost nothing that you can’t accomplish that is amazing or worthwhile in 10 years. So if you’re focusing on the next 10 years and not what’s happening tomorrow, or the rejection you got today, it’s so much more valuable.” -Dave Noll

Connect and follow Dave at www.linkedin.com/davenolltv