Focus with Rob Barnett

Say it with me, calendars are sexy! This essential tool is built right into your phone – and is a useful catalyst for FOCUS. With everything that is competing for your energy and attention it’s easy to lose focus – the subject of this episode of Camera Ready & Abel with Rob Barnett, the author of Next Job, Best Job. Rob explains how FOCUS is vital to all job seekers, how NOT to work with a**holes (amen), and other strategies to land the job you want.

Rob Barnett is a headhunter, management executive, author, podcaster, and entrepreneur. As founder of Rob Barnett Media, he has discovered, hired, and led hundreds of talented creators and executives in senior management roles at MTV, VH1, and Audible/Amazon. He was President of Programming at CBS Radio. Today, as an advisor to thousands of job seekers and company leaders, he offers expert guidance as headhunter with a unique ability to speed up every search.

Rob’s new book, NEXT JOB, BEST JOB: A Headhunter’s 11 Strategies to Get Hired Now (Citadel, June 29, 2021), reinvents the career search with a proven process to land the right job fast. If you have been fired or furloughed, the initial shock can easily turn into fear. Rob shows you that with the right mindset and approach, you can win the career you want and deserve – without delay!

A digital pioneer, Rob founded My Damn Channel, one of the first original online studios and networks. Representing diverse careers, companies, and opportunities. His multi-platform content and no-nonsense approach inspires people to define and sell their best professional brand. Visit to learn more about his work.