How To Succeed In Show Business: DO YOUR HOMEWORK

How To Succeed in Show Biz: DO YOUR HOMEWORK

Funny to be harping on homework as school is finally out for summer…BUT if you want to succeed – even a tiny bit – in the crazy competitive media world you have to your homework.

This came up when one of my favorite young hosts emailed me referring to an agent he had corresponded to as SHE instead of HE because of a gender neutral name.

EGADS! you didn’t let on to them that you didn’t do your homework, right?

Those boo boos can blow a meeting, shut down an interview, nix an audition.

Besides mastering Google, you should be actively engaged and keeping up with the industry on a daily basis. You need to know who the players are and how the business works.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Watch TV.

Watch YouTube.

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