How To Succeed In Show Business: Do Your Homework Part 2

This is the topic that keeps on giving.

For the Daytime Emmy’s on June 22nd, NATAS decided to hire social media stars to host their Red Carpet coverage. According to Soap Opera Network and they put out a casting call for  Millenials 18-35 with strong knowledge of entertainment and/or strong social media followings of 300,000 followers or more. Spoiler alert: NATAS opted for the large social media followings.

I’m sure it looked good on paper. But truth be told, I’m not convinced data supports the theory that a youtube/vine/instragram star’s audience will follow them to traditional media.

NATAS didn’t do their homework. I doubt they studied the analytics and it seems no one was in charge of prepping the talent they hired: Brittany Furlan, Jessica Harlow, Lauren Elizabeth and Meghan Rosette.

B, J, L and M are used to creating their own content. I’m sure they were told “be yourselves!”

But seriously, not one of them thought to herself, “maybe I should prepare?”

Because the gals did not know the shows or the stars they were covering and disrespected the proceedings.

This breaks my 5th rule of On-Camera Success: Professional and Creative are NOT mutually exclusive.

Professional means you are on-time, prepared and courteous to the crew. I cannot say whether they were on-time and courteous but it is clear they did not do their homework.

Make no mistake friends, any successful talent whose public persona (brand) is built on being “outrageous” or “shocking” is a professional with a serious work ethic.


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